Favorite Places To Eat After A Session (Part 1) | Loda Bier Garten | Downtown Mobile, Alabama

Today’s feature is part 1 of 5 of some of my favorite places to eat after a Senior Portrait photo session in Downtown Mobile, Alabama.  


First on my list is the Loda Bier Garten, located at 251 Dauphin Street in Mobile, AL. This location has a casual and hip vibe to it with outside or inside dining. 

The Bier Garten has a vast menu of creative appetizers, burgers, desserts and more. My favorite thing to order when I visit is the Sugar Rush Burger. The Sugar Rush Burger is made up of slab bacon, cheddar cheese and homemade Abita Root Beer BBQ sauce topped with caramelized onions then nestled between two Sugar Rush glazed doughnuts. I get mine without the onions because I do not want onions near anything I eat. 


The Sugar Rush Burger is an odd combination, using doughnuts as a bun, but oh my gosh is it amazing. The saltiness of the hamburger meat and bacon with the sweet of the bbq sauce and the doughnuts is the perfect combination.  

If you are ever downtown in Mobile, or are hungry after our session and are looking for a bite to eat wander over to Loda Bier Garten and explore their menu.