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What exactly are Senior Portraits and why are they such a big deal? Why do you want to specialize in Senior Portraits? Those are two questions I get asked a lot.  

If you're anywhere near my age, or even older you can remember that Senior Portraits weren't a big deal. I graduated in 2004 and my Portraits consisted of the standard drape photo. My Mom didn't order any of those photos from the drape session, except the proof book, for the yearbook photos. My hair had fallen due to humidity since they were taken in the summer and I looked rough. I didn't have photos that expressed who I was, my hobbies, or even showing off what my style was back then.   

The whole process wasn't very exciting and was just one of the "chores" of being a Senior that had to be done. Everyone looked the same and everything was uniform. No one's personality was seen in the photos and they were very plain. 

The drape photos still exist today and every Senior gets to go through them and experience the bland yearbook photos that make Seniors look "adult-like". Unlike when I was a Senior, today you get the choice to call your favorite Senior Portrait photographer and get a Senior session that's outside the box and unique to you. You're able to show off your personality and style. You're able to get photos that you and you're parents are proud to get printed and hang on the wall. You're proud to show them off to your friends and post them on social media.  

Senior Portraits is all about celebrating this amazing stage in your life. Like lots of teens your senior year is filled with many milestones and it's definitely worth celebrating and documenting, including portraits. Yes, it's your last year of high school, but it's so much more than that. It's your last year with the friends you grew up with and for some it's your last year at home. Your Senior year is about being at the start  of something great, your future. You will never see life or the world again as the way you see it now. Documenting it with photography is one way to ensure that you never forget who you are, right now. 

So why did I choose to specialize in Senior Portraits? I love the different personality each Senior brings to a session as well as style. There isn't a single Senior Portrait session that is the same. There are endless possibilities to Senior sessions and the only limits are the ones set by our imaginations. I love the excitement that you guys bring when you come to the sessions. It's an exciting time in your life so why wouldn't you be excited at your session? Every Senior has a story of how they got to be the person they are today and most have big plans for their  futures. I love hearing your stories. I enjoy hearing about your addictions to skittles, but only the orange ones, or how every day in high school you have bought hot fries and a coke from the vending machine and ate it for lunch every single day. I get to see you grow as a person, from a teenager into a young adult within a year. 

I absolutely love Senior Portraits and can't wait to see what this year's Seniors bring to the table for their sessions. I offer free consultations, so if you just want to meet for coffee, or even a burger and talk to see what I can do for you feel free to give me a call. I would love to meet you and hear your story.

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