Working in a Coffee Shop?

I haven’t always been a coffee shop fanatic. When I was younger I didn’t like the taste of coffee and wanted nothing to do with it. As I grew older, maybe around my Senior year, and the days seemed to have less hours I had to force myself to love coffee. When I chose photography as my career choice I knew that always being home working was going to get lonely really quick, so I decided to work from a coffee shop at least once a week. After visiting a lot of the shops around town I found the perfect one for me.

 I love the smell of freshly-brewed coffee and the background noises of people chatting and the beans grinding. The coffee shop that I chose as my favorite is a favorite for many reasons.

The atmosphere is great for a working environment! Friendly employees who will sometimes even take the time to walk your drink out to you...... music that isn’t too loud and has a relaxing and focusing vibe...... lots of light entering so it doesn’t feel like sitting in a almost feel like you’re at home.  

Their flavors are completely different from any coffee shop I’ve visited! My absolute favorite latte and frappe flavor is “Moon Pie” . I know what you’re thinking, “banana flavored coffee?” Yes! Banana flavored coffee that taste just like those amazing little marshmallow filled treats thrown from the floats at some of the best Mardi Gras parades in Downtown Mobile! They have other seasonal flavors like King Cake and Snowman that are also great. The flavors change up all the time and it’s always great to be able to mix it up, 

Their customers! No matter what time of day, what day of the week there are always amazing customers enjoying a drink. I’ve been in while Azalea trail maids were being interviewed, some of the college students from a few miles down the road having game night, and one of the best motivational speakers who wasn’t there to incourage me but did just from hearing him talk to his client.  

So where is this amazing place? Moka’s Coffee House in Saraland!  Its a small coffee shop right off of the interstate and is one of the places I love to spend my time. If you’re ever in the area definitely stop in and grab one of their specialty flavors. You’re likely to see me there meeting with clients, editing, or just enjoying a cup of coffee.