William | Gold Hope Project | Mobile, AL

I recently became a volunteer photographer for The Gold Hope Project. I had been looking for groups to volunteer with and when I saw a Facebook post asking for a photographer for this family I knew this was the group that I wanted to join. The Gold Hope Project is a group of photographers aiming to gift families battling a pediatric cancer diagnoses free portrait session for their little warriors.

I met Will, his parents, grandparents, and siblings at the Children’s and Women’s hospital in Mobile, AL, where William is receiving care, for their photo session. I immediately fell in love with his sweet smile and big blue eyes. This was my first session as a volunteer photographer with the Gold Hope Project and I couldn’t pick a better family. I am honored that I was a able to provide their family with photos that they will have for a lifetime. I will add the latest update from William’s Mom, Jessica as well as provide links to his support pages and for the Gold Hope Project for anyone who would like to volunteer or ask to have their photos taken. 


February 14:

  “Update on William:

We received results today on his last scan. His tumor has shrunk half a centimeter. That’s great but eventually his tumor is going to keep growing. The chemo is not working like they or we hoped for. He has had multiple bacterial infections which they believe could possibly be coming from his tumor so it’s a very smart type of bacteria which is only becoming more resistant to the antibiotics. There were only 2 cycles left of his chemo treatment but it would only prolong the inevitable and suffering. Me and Chris stand firm in our decision that it was best to stop treatment because we see how much William has suffered and he does not to any longer.

For the bacterial infection they will finish out this last antibiotic and he will not receive anymore. Potentially leading the bacterial infection to go to his bloodstream. The doctor is now trying to consult with other physicians on how they have made patients in Williams condition as comfortable as possible. We will also be consulting with hospice for care at home.

William will be coming home and be made comfortable. To be with his siblings family and friends. We have tried everything. We have looked in to things but there is nothing for Williams type of cancer and in the location the tumor presents it’s self. My heart is broken... in so many little pieces I’m empty.. God is still giving me strength to push through... He still shines that light of encouragement... but as a mother, as a human my heart is shattered. I have nothing left in me. Just hurt. For two days he has been playful. So we are taking every moment we can in.

I am encouraged and at peace with our son. Please know that we have trusted in God. We have put everything in His hands. Yes we have gotten mad. Yes we have asked why, with our fist up. But ultimately we surrendered everything over to God. My son has won his battle against cancer. Trust me when I say that. Please know that if you prayed for peace, comfort, a miracle, or something it is happening. A miracle will be when my son can be with our almighty Father. That everlasting life and everlasting freedom! Yes I still hurt but I stay encouraged with Gods word. I’m not selfish. I have had my son dedicated to God and I’ve surrendered William to God. I’ve never understood how someone can be so hurt and have their heart broken into a million pieces but also feel encouraged, until now. My son. My hero. My real Superman.“ 


Elliott | Family Christmas Portraits | Mobile, AL

Family Christmas portraits in Mobile, Alabama

I first met Sandy during Hunter’s senior portrait session. We had his session at her home and I instantly fell in love with their sunset view on Dog river.  

We had their family session right before Christmas at their home. We first did a few shots outside at sunset of their family and then went inside for a pajama session.  

The Elliott family was so much fun to work with! I love it when a family is relaxed and entire sessions are filled with laughter.  

New Year Traditions | Mobile, AL

How my Mobile, AL family celebrates the New Year! 

I took a break over the Christmas holidays from going through the 2019 Senior Model call applications to celebrate Chrismtas and the New Year with my family. I love our traditions and wanted to share my favorite tradition with you all! Every year for the past 25 years my family has come to my grandparents on my dad’s side for a New Years celebration. My Gram, Dad’s Mom, always cooks a big pot of chicken and dumplings. Her dumplings are my absolute favorite! 

After we eat the guys of the family go out to the fireworks store and buy cases of bottle rockets and a few “big show” fireworks while the women and kids stay and play games.  Around 10pm the family and our friends head out to the bonfire created by my grandfather. It was windy this year so we didn’t have a fire and it was a super cold night! The wind chill had the feel like temperatures in the middle teens.  

Our family celebrates New Years slightly different. I haven’t seen a tradition similar to ours anywhere, and if I do I will just have to say they copied my family. We bring live Christmas trees, either from our own home from Chrismtas or donated by family and friends who know how we celebrate, and stand them up in the back yard a few yards apart. Here is where the fun begins.....

We stuff the chrismtas trees with the cases of bottle rockets that the guys purchased while the kids play with sparklers and some of the smaller fireworks. So many are in the tree that the tree is a vivid color of green and red. After 1 tree is stuffed we all stand back while one f the guys lights the tree on fire and runs. The trees shooting off fireworks is a gorgeous site to see! Bottle rockets are flying everywhere and sometimes you will hear one whistle past your ears. No one has ever been hurt as we stand far enough back so that if we do get hit by one that it’s only falling burned out firework.  

The tree that we light at midnight is always the best show! We use the biggest tree and sometimes fill it with the bigger show fireworks for an extra boom boom event. 

Once the trees have all burned and midnight has past we all head inside for hot cocoa and pigs in the blanket.  Midnight marks the beginning of my birthday as well as a new year. I’m a New Years baby and I love it. My family always has the best party for my birthday and I couldn’t think of a better way to ring in a new year and new age than with my family blowing up Christmas trees. 



Ashlee & Hunter | Family Portraits | Mobile, AL

Family Portraits in Mobile, Alabama

Ashlee knew exactly where she wanted to take family photos with Hunter. She had seen the Bell family sharing photos of this beautiful location with a field, gravel driveway and gorgeous golden hour sunsets. That location was perfect and is also the Bell family’s front yard! 

Ashlee and Hunter were so photogenic and easy to capture. The games I had for him to play with Ashlee made for great non posed shots and shows just how much they love each other!  

Thank you so much to Ashlee and Hunter for givin me the opportunity to capture your family photos and to the Bell family for letting me borrow your beautiful land once again.  


Mecom | Family Portraits in Mobile, AL

Family portrait photography in Mobile, Alabama

Bobbie Jo posted a message to the wall of my VIP Facebook group asking for availability and as we discussed details I was excited to shoot this session.  

We decided to shoot their session at the boat launch in Bayou La Batre. With the weather we have been having lately I knew a beautiful sunset was likely not going to happen. With Christmas photos fog, for me, is perfect for this time of year. That’s the whole reason Roudolf was able to get a job flying Santa’s sleight right?

🎶 Then one foggy Christmas Eve... 🎶  

The Shrimp boats passed by before and after the session as they were coming in with shrimp for many Bayou La Batre residents Christmas feast. I love shooting sessions in my hometown and I take it all in every time I get a chance to.  

Thank you to Bobbie Jo, Michael, and their children for a great session and the opportunity to photograph your family. 



Schambeau Family | Christmas Portraits

Schambeau Family Christmas Portraits in  Mobile, AL

Janice had knew she wanted this session all year long and booked it when she had her Christmas session last year. She wanted family portraits with all of her family and grand babies. 

We all met at Jonathan’s house and took their photos in the field in front of the house. I loved interacting and playing with the kids while we took their photos but mostly I loved watching David, Janice’s husband, running around and playing with his grand babies. I love my grandparents and have memories similar to this of my grandparents. I think the kids will remember this session for years to come and tell about how their grandfather was chasing them and trying to catch them.   

I always love meeting with Janice and David and look forward to the yearly photo sessions. Thank you so much for give me the opportunity to photograph you and your family! I love doing it and creating photos just for you. 

Collier Family | Family Portraits | Mobile, Alabama

Family Portraits at the Japanese Garden in Mobile, Alabama

It was an absolute joy to work with the Collier family. They are such a beautiful family with lots of hugs and love. The family was full of laughter and that's always a good thing when it comes to portraits. This session was done on a super cold day in December. Their session was at the Japanese Garden in Mobile, Alabama. Its a beautiful location with koi ponds, lilly pads, weeping willows, and lots of trees and walk ways. The location is small but offers a lot, and each session has a different look to them every time I shoot there.

April & Cody | Fall Portrait Session

Fall Portrait Family Session in Mobile, AL

A family photo session in the a front yard of a house? It doesn’t sound very glamorous does it? Oh my gosh this land hasn’t let me down yet! My cousin has the most amazing land with the sun peeking through and the best angle for golden hour lighting. I haven’t had anlocation yet in the Mobile county area disappoint me. We live in such a beautiful location!

April, Cody, and the girls were a delight to work with as always. I always know that natural smiles and fun will be had when April calls me for a session. The girls are the absolute sweetest! You can see in the photos just how much the girls care for each other and the love that April and Cody share. 

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to capture memories for your family year after year. It is definitely a joy to watch your family grow and see the personalities of the children grow as well from year to year.  

Hendricks Family | Fall Family Photography

Family Photography in Mobile, Alabama

When Jessica messaged me asking if we could take family photos behind a fruit stand, I admit I was a little nervous of how the photos would look. I always want to make sure that everyone’s photos look amazing and I couldn’t picture the set up, misty because I had never been in that specific location. Oh my gosh! I am so glad I trusted Jessica’s judgement. 

The Hendricks family is such a beautiful family. The truck was in the family and they really wanted to incorporate it into a photo session. The metal of the shed in the back works perfectly with the blue of the truck and I am absolutely in love with it!  



Matt, Jessica, & Kaitlynn | Family Photography

Family Photography Session in Mobile, AL

 Meet Matt, Jessica, & Kaitlynn. You’ve seen them before of course, I shoot their family photos every fall. Jessica is my sister and Kaitlynn is my niece. Kaitlynn is often the star of my model sessions when I get the urge to be creative and do something different. 

This year we did a simple backyard session for their Christmas cards and they turned out amazing! With a family as gorgeous as this one, photos anywhere in Mobile would turn out amazing.  

Have you scheduled your fall/Christmas session yet?

There’s only one here and now for your beautiful family....

Let’s make the time to capture it, put it all over your walls, and give your family the gift seeing your love every single day. 

I’m now booking and filling up sessions for next year and have a few left for this year. 

Miniard Family | Fall Photos | Mobile, AL

Fall Family Photos

I recently had my fall sessions in what felt like a summer heat wave in Mobile, Alabama. We don’t get much of a fall here and our greens die off fairly quickly with the season changing.  

The Miniard Family had their session at the Japanese Gardens in Mobile, Alabama across from Langan Municipal Park. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful afternoon! 

I had recently shot Emmi’s fresh 48. She’s a beautiful baby girl and has an amazing set of parents. 

I loved working with this family! They look great together and baby girl is precious. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to photograph your family and I look forward to watching Emmi grow!  

Graham Family | Fall Photos | Mobile, AL

The Graham family is the absolute sweetest! For the past few year they have chose me to be their Mobile, AL fall family portrait photographer.  

I have enjoyed watching this family grow from when Jenson was a few months old to the addition of his littler sister. You can see the love that this family has for each other

Thank you to Haley and Jonathan for choosing me to be your photographer for fall photos. You have the sweetest kids and it’s always a joy to spend time with you and your family!  

Bell Family | Fall | Irvington, AL

This is hands down one of the sweetest families! I have loved getting to watch their family grow over the years and watch the children grow as well. They each have their own sweet personalities and every time I see them they have changed and grown so much! 

Their session was held at their house. Their land is beautiful with cows, chickens and a front yard that is coated every evening by an amazing golden hour glow!  

Thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer. Your children always bring so much joy to me and I love getting to know them.  

Whitney, Christopher & Laurel | Pregnancy Announcement | Irvington, AL

What’s my favorite thing about being a photographer? Getting to celebrate all of the happy and sometimes life changing moments in your life. It’s even more special when it’s my own family. This week I had the pleasure of photographing my sister’s pregnancy announcement for baby #2. I have loved seeing my other two nieces grow and see the personalities that they have developed and can not wait to see this new blessing to the family grow and how Laurel will take to being a big sister. 

Congratulations to all three of you, I am beyond thrilled for you. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey.  


Baylor | Milestone Session | Mobile, AL

It’s hard to believe his 1st birthday is right around the corner. It really does seem like yesterday that I was photographing his entry into the world. 

Baylor has the sweetest parents and siblings so it’s no surprise that this cutie pie is full of smiles.  

We shot his session at Langan Municipal Park in Mobile, AL. Even though the dark clouds were starting to roll in and the wind was blowing we had an amazing session. Thank you for choosing me to capture Baylor’s milestones in life. I can’t wait to see what we create for his 1st birthday!!

Emmi | Fresh 48 | Mobile, AL

Ya'll, I met the cutest baby girl, who has the sweetest parents, a few weeks ago! Emmi was born at Mobile Infirmary Hospital in Mobile, AL on August 31st. When I walked in the room I was greeted by her sweet parents who were gushing over there bundle of joy. I was able to get a few baby cuddles in between poses.

Sommer | Maternity Session | Mobile, AL

This gorgeous mama is due next with with her baby boy. When she said she wanted to encorporate nature as well as water I knew the perfect place. After the session was over Sommer suggested that we head to the water and try a few photos there. You look amazing Sommer and I can not wait to meet your little man! He is one lucky kid who has two parents that love him already so very much!