Shoot and Share

Shoot and Share Contest | Personal Results

Every year Shoot and Share holds a world wide contest where anyone can enter and vote.  I’ve never entered because I have always been too nervous...until this year. I’ve worked hard all last year improving myself and finding my place and style in the photography world. 

This year 400,000+ photos were entered, 50 of them were mine. The contest has 12 rounds with photos being eliminated with the next round.  

For me entering the contest wasn’t about winning. Entering was about feeling confident in myself and my work. I was able to see and vote for the work of others, photos I may never have seen without this contest. It’s so inspiring seeing the work of others. 

The contest results were released last week and I was thrilled to see that 10 of my photos had received badges. 6 photos placed in the top 30% of their category, 1 in the top 20% and 3 in the top 10%. I will definitely be entering the contest again next year and I will strive to outdo myself in ranking in the contest.