New Year Traditions | Mobile, AL

How my Mobile, AL family celebrates the New Year! 

I took a break over the Christmas holidays from going through the 2019 Senior Model call applications to celebrate Chrismtas and the New Year with my family. I love our traditions and wanted to share my favorite tradition with you all! Every year for the past 25 years my family has come to my grandparents on my dad’s side for a New Years celebration. My Gram, Dad’s Mom, always cooks a big pot of chicken and dumplings. Her dumplings are my absolute favorite! 

After we eat the guys of the family go out to the fireworks store and buy cases of bottle rockets and a few “big show” fireworks while the women and kids stay and play games.  Around 10pm the family and our friends head out to the bonfire created by my grandfather. It was windy this year so we didn’t have a fire and it was a super cold night! The wind chill had the feel like temperatures in the middle teens.  

Our family celebrates New Years slightly different. I haven’t seen a tradition similar to ours anywhere, and if I do I will just have to say they copied my family. We bring live Christmas trees, either from our own home from Chrismtas or donated by family and friends who know how we celebrate, and stand them up in the back yard a few yards apart. Here is where the fun begins.....

We stuff the chrismtas trees with the cases of bottle rockets that the guys purchased while the kids play with sparklers and some of the smaller fireworks. So many are in the tree that the tree is a vivid color of green and red. After 1 tree is stuffed we all stand back while one f the guys lights the tree on fire and runs. The trees shooting off fireworks is a gorgeous site to see! Bottle rockets are flying everywhere and sometimes you will hear one whistle past your ears. No one has ever been hurt as we stand far enough back so that if we do get hit by one that it’s only falling burned out firework.  

The tree that we light at midnight is always the best show! We use the biggest tree and sometimes fill it with the bigger show fireworks for an extra boom boom event. 

Once the trees have all burned and midnight has past we all head inside for hot cocoa and pigs in the blanket.  Midnight marks the beginning of my birthday as well as a new year. I’m a New Years baby and I love it. My family always has the best party for my birthday and I couldn’t think of a better way to ring in a new year and new age than with my family blowing up Christmas trees.