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Miniard Family | Fall Photos | Mobile, AL

Fall Family Photos

I recently had my fall sessions in what felt like a summer heat wave in Mobile, Alabama. We don’t get much of a fall here and our greens die off fairly quickly with the season changing.  

The Miniard Family had their session at the Japanese Gardens in Mobile, Alabama across from Langan Municipal Park. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful afternoon! 

I had recently shot Emmi’s fresh 48. She’s a beautiful baby girl and has an amazing set of parents. 

I loved working with this family! They look great together and baby girl is precious. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to photograph your family and I look forward to watching Emmi grow!  

Leighton | Baker Senior Homecoming | Mobile, AL

These two look absolutely amazing together and were a blast to shoot. There was never a shortage of laughter. It’s hard to believe it is October and it still feels like it’s close to 100 degrees outside. 

Leighton is one of my senior models this year, so I already knew we were going to have fun.  

You both looked amazing and I hope that you had a great time at the dance!  

Whitney | Senior Portraits | Mobile, AL

I absolutely loved shooting Whitney’s session. Whitney is a senior at Bryant High School in Irvington, Alabama, and plans to have a career in forensics after college. 

The location for her session was the Charles Woods Japanese Gardens in Mobile, AL. It’s a beautiful location with koi ponds, weeping willows, Lilly pads, and other beautiful landscapes.   

Enjoy some of my favorites from Whitney’s session. She definitely rocked her session.  

Megan | Maternity Session | Mobile, AL

I met Megan in July while I was working Kayla and Kelli's wedding. Such a beautiful bridesmaid with a growing baby bump. We talked a little about maternity photos and I gave her my information to contact me when she was ready.

In August the unthinkable happened and Megan's boyfriend, the father of her sweet baby girl, passed away from the injuries he had received in an accident. There was no way I could imagine the pain and grief that she was going through but a few days later I reached out to her because I knew her maternity photos had to be special. I knew that it was going to be an emotional session because she had planned on having him with her. Even though he wasn't there with us in person he was there holding her hand in spirit, helping her be strong.

The night after our session at the Japanese Gardens in Mobile, AL , Megan send me a message with a note to Justin. So many things are left unsaid when someone leaves the world unexpectedly and way too soon. Megan wanted to include the letter in the blog post and this story so that Justin is as much a part of the maternity session as he can be, and so that anyone reading knows their story and sees the symbolic meaning of the weeping willows and photos of Justin through out the gallery.

My sweet Justin,
I remember the very first time I met you. It was August 15th 2015 at a friends birthday celebration but little did we know that night both our lives were about to change forever. I knew I just had to know more about you so the next night I called my friend and started asking questions then next thing I know they gave you my number and from that day forward you were mine and I was yours. I remember our late night talks and the way I would get butterflies when I saw your name pop up on my phone. I remember the very first time we kissed, you were walking me out to my car to say goodnight and when you leaned in I remember getting goosebumps and feeling like a kid again. And last but not least I remember when I told you I was pregnant, I could hear the crackling in your voice though the phone and even though we were both scared we were so excited. I remember you holding my belly for hours trying to feel her kick while whispering to her how much of a daddy’s girl she was gonna be. Then on August 24th 2017 all that was gonna change. I woke up to a phone call telling me you had been in a bad car accident. My mind didn’t comprehend it at first and I didn’t wanna believe how bad everyone was saying it was. But as soon as I saw you laying in that hospital bed I knew I was about to lose my best friend forever. Then on August 25th 2017 I heard the one thing I never wanted to hear “you were gone” to this day it doesn’t make sense. And I may never understand why god wanted you so soon but I do know this... I promise I will raise our daughter up with nothing but love and she will never have to wonder who you are. You may not be here anymore but I will have a piece of you with me forever. Please don’t stop visiting me in my dreams and always keep an eye on our little girl. She has the best Guardian angel anyone could ever ask for..her daddy. I love you Justin Dee Warner you will forever be in my heart. And I can’t wait till I see you again. This isn’t goodbye it’s until we meet again my sweet angel.